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SURDOC is a collaboration of two artists Natalia Ashurovskaya (Director, Editor) and Pavel Mikhailov (Scriptwriter, Director of Photography, Camera Operator).

Both born in 1989 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and in 2022 moved to Paris. Before filmmaking were involved in areas of Medicine and Psychology. Working together on films and cultural projects since 2019.

Natalia Ashurovskaya

Director / Editor

Graduate of the School of New Cinema, St. Petersburg, Russia, as Documentary and Feature Films Director. Before cinematography worked as a psychologist with oncology-patients, sex workers and troubled adolescents. Is involved as director and editor for commercials, educational shows, feature films and documentary films.

Pavel Mikhailov

DoP / Scriptwriting

Graduate of the Higher School of Directors and Scriptwriters, St. Petersburg, Russia, as director of photography. Previously trained as hospital surgeon. Involved as DoP and camera operator in fiction and experimental films, music videos, documentaries, music concert recording, educational shows, videography projects, etc. since 2019.